Our experience of the Life Partner Permit…

Life Partner PermitAre you wanting to apply for a Life Partner Permit in South Africa? Successfully applying for a Life Partner Permit does not need to cost thousands of rands, and you don’t need to use a large firm to do this for you.

We recently went through this process, and after countless calls and visits to Home Affairs, countless mistakes and lessons learned the hard way, legal fees for contracts (some of which we needed, some of which we apparently didn’t), doctors visits, etc, we decided to set up this website to share our experience with others.

If you want to apply for a Life Partner Permit for South Africa, we can assist you. We now have established connections within Home Affairs, know what the legal requirements are (and have decent, affordable lawyers on standby who can draw up the necessary contract), have drawn up checklists of what needs to be provided and done, and have all the necessary paperwork in place to submit a successful application.

When we handed in our application the official we were dealing with told us that he had never seen such a “perfect application”.

However, our application did total 45 pages, and we had to phone Home Affairs 38 times, see them in person 6 times, pay 3 different lawyers, and spend a huge amount of time sifting through various websites and forums. So doing it yourself does take time, and you end up wasting money on lawyers for things that you don’t actually need. That’s where we can help. We have done all that work already.

Please get hold of us by clicking here, we’d love to help you.

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